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3 Ways to Book Your Appointment:

Phone (new number!): 512-914-1144

Email: [email protected] 

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We've closed our Congress Avenue shop

and opened our Gara-Dashery

(in my Airbnb garage!)


at 1205 Kinney Ave

Tues-Sat: 10am - 6pm

We accept Cash - Venmo & PayPal


As a lover of science, and wanting to help folks avoid public shopping areas, I am MORE than compliant on my cleaning and safety procedures. I see clients by appointment only, limited to 4 per day (4 guests per appt max) to allow for thorough cleaning.
Masks required

Hatbox: A Modern Haberdashery features exclusive women's and men's hats, whimsical fascinators and practical caps from around the world. Hatbox represents old world hatters such as Borsalino of Italy, Christy's of London, Stetson Dress, Biltmore, Resistol, Beaver Brand, and others such as Dobbs, Bailey, Kangol, Scala, Dorfman Pacific, Broner, Barmah and Shady Brady. Our Hatbox Signature Collection featues beautifully handwoven Panama Straws as well as authentic (and affordable!) durable, canvas cowboy hats. Our cocktail hats division for women, exhibits the ultimate "spring affair" and "after five" collection. Bring the family and enjoy a professional fitting and shopping experience unlike any other.

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